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Head office address

No. 35, Khosro Lane, Khazar St Pol'e Roomi, Shariati Avenue Tehran, 19149
Postal Code 1914943714
Telephones: +9821 22006420 - +9821 22604872
Fax: +9821 22006589

Company address

Qazvin, Alborz Industrial City
Telephone: +98282 2225284 - +98282 2230569
Fax: +982822227320

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Pars Lian Chemical Company (Private Joint Stock Company) with years of experience in the field of chemical production, has been able to expand its activities throughout Iran. The head office of Pars Lian Chemical Company is located in Tehran and the local offices of this company in Shiraz (serving Pars gas development projects) and Ahvaz (serving Khuzestan region) are ready to provide services to their customers.

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