Pars Lian Chemical Company (Ltd)

Pars Lian Company has provided chemicals and chemical management services for the following companies:

International oil companies

  1. ENI-Iran - Corrosion inhibitor for South Pars
  2. Sediment inhibitor for the offshore oil-rich region
  3. TOTAL - Demulsifier for offshore oil-rich region
  4. SHELL - Demulsifier for the offshore oil-rich region

Companies affiliated with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

  1. Offshore Oil Company of Iran - for all offshore and offshore processing units
  2. Southern National Iranian Oil Company - for all oil-rich areas in Ahvaz
  3. South Zagros Oil and Gas Company
  4. Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company
  5. West Iran Oil Company

South Pars Gas Company (Assaluyeh)

  1. phase 2
  2. phase 3
  3. phase 4
unnamed (4)

Other Customers


  1. Tehran Refinery
  2. Abadan Refinery
  3. Isfahan Refinery
  4. Tabriz Refinery
  5. Arak Refinery
  6. Bandar Abbas Refinery

Petrochemical complexes newly established since 2003:

  1. Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company
  2. Maroon Petrochemical Company
  3. Arak Petrochemical Company
  4. Pars Petrochemical Company
  5. Tabriz Petrochemical Company
  6. Jam Petrochemical Company
  7. Aria Sasol